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General Transcription For Individuals and Businesses

General Transcription Services - For Individuals & Businesses

By Jeff Montero

Most people associate transcription services with major corporations and professional services such as law firms, executives, doctors, courts, etc. But the average Joe can also benefit from general transcription.

Of course transcription services are beneficial to businesses of any size, particularly when there’s a large volume of audio to transcribe and not enough in-house transcriptionists to handle the task. Modern transcription services now offer digital engagement where a user or organization can upload their audio to have it handled by the transcription company.

This digital channel has simplified the process so that hard copies sent through the snail mail are no longer necessary – though that is still possible for media such as analog audio (cassettes and reels.)

That’s a huge perk for businesses, but that digital upload and quick turnaround are great perks for the common user. Transcription services don’t just deal in professional content for major corporations or firms, they work with people on a more personal level when there is general transcription work to be done. Transcription services are available to any individual or organization that requires the services.

Whether the recordings are in an audio or video format, general transcription services can provide a polished product on things like:

• Oral histories
• Audio journals
• Audio letters
• Recorded Conversations

Perhaps you’ve got some old recordings lying around, say an old recording from the ‘40s or ’50s of your grandparents relating the family history. Older recordings such as theses could benefit from digital transfer and transcription services. As analog tape ages, it deteriorates which results in the loss of sound quality or even the ability of the tape to be played. Additionally, most people don’t have the equipment to play old reel to reel recordings, wire recordings, or even cassette tapes. Specialized transcription services can help recover the bulk of older audio formats, restore them and provide transcripts.

Business professionals stand to benefit a lot from professional transcription services due to the sheer amount of information and data that they deal with each day.

Consider the meetings, press conferences, focus groups, speeches, seminars, conversations – all of that can be impossible to remember for most people. While taking notes in any given situation is helpful, having the audio of the situation which can later be transcribed is beneficial.

More often than not, notes we take may be inaccurate or miss a key point that is vital to a business plan or upcoming event, project, etc. Having a clear report furnished by a general transcription service provider can make it easy to pick out highlighted points that are crucial.

General transcription simplifies the daily operation of businesses around the world, but most importantly it’s a service that is scalable to every individual no matter the needs. Whether you’re looking for transcription services to recover dialog from an old home video (remember Betamax?), or an old audio cassette tape, or if you need content transcribed of your marketing research and focus groups, general transcription provides the perfect value.

While it’s entirely possible to transcribe one’s own data, there’s something to be said for the relief that comes from having a specialist take the weight of the work and return a polished written product.

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