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Telecommuting Employment A Virtual Alternative To On-Site Employment
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With ever increasing pressure on companies to reduce cost and increase profits, employers more and more are focusing on reducing their labor cost and increasing the efficiency of each employee. But one person or a group of individuals can only do so much, which requires employers to find other means of getting a companies work done.

With the drastic downturn in the economy these pressures are greater than ever and companies have responded by laying off thousands of employees, offering other employees early retirement packages, cutting back on new hires, increased their out sourcing and have relocated their businesses overseas.

Though the employment picture is quite bleak, there are still many employment opportunities available in the very fields which are experiencing layoffs and cutbacks. An employer need to meet the demands of his or her business regardless of the economic environment, as a result many companies turn to technology to help them meet the challenges they face.

A companies challenge thus becomes your opportunity as you transition from an on-site employee to an off-site employee in the form of a Telecommuting or Virtual Employee. All this means is that you are now a contract worker, working off-site for the company using your computer and an Internet connection.

What differentiates you from an on-site employee is the cost related to your employment. As an on-site employee, your employer is responsible for salary, social security contributions, unemployment compensation contributions, medical coverage (if provided), 401k contributions (if provided), vacation pay (if provided), sick leave...

But when an employer hires a Telecommuting Employee the only obligation is the cost of the contracted work assignment that was entered upon; as you can see this saves the employer a great deal of money.

A Telecommuting Job in a down economy can work to your advantage, this type of employment also works to your advantage if your trying to get into the labor market or are looking to renter the labor market after a long absence.

As a Telecommuting Employee, This Type Of Employments Lets You,

1) Set your own work hours 2) Work on different projects or multiple projects 3) Acquire new and different skills as you work with different companies 4) Develop relationships that lead to new contacts 5) Work from anywhere as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection

When the economy rebounds and you're ready to get back into the on-site labor force, parts 2, 3, and 4 of the list above give you distinct advantages over other competitors as you are better positioned and more employable.

Normally companies that offer Telecommuting Employment Positions don't publicly advertise this information, but instead source it out to companies that compile Telecommuting Job Databases. To gain access to these Telecommuting Database these Telecommuting companies generally charge a small one time membership fee which gives access to their Telecommuting Databases and job resource center.

These Telecommuting Companies maintain a list of Telecommuting jobs in several categories including:

Business Customer Service Data Entry Engineering Finance Graphic Art Marketing Medical Merchandising Paralegal Programming Real Estate Research Sales Social Services Translators Web Design Web Jobs Work-From-Home Lawyer Work-From-Home Nurse writing...

This list is just a small sampling of the Telecommuting Position that are available through Telecommuting Companies. If the work can be done virtually then it will be made available for someone to do!

If you've been laid off, are looking for additional income or are looking to increase your skills; Telecommuting Employment may be what you're looking for. Telecommuting Employment is a means of replacing lost income, boosting earnings and increasing your job skills as well as your work experience.

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